Plastering and Tiling Course

Your opportunities:

Upon successfully completing this course, the student should be able to do the following: 

  1. To cut and fix plasterboard to walls and ceilings
  2. Tape standard and internal joints
  3. Cut and fix angle beads around windows and reveals
  4. Prepare surfaces before and after plastering
  5. To mix plastering materials
  6. Skimming walls and ceilings
  7. Plastering reveals – internal and external
  8. Prime areas to receive tiling
  9. Patterns including a diamond pattern to wall and floor areas
  10. Estimate tile quantities required for each individual job
  11. Use of laser lines/levels
  12. Be able to use various interior decoration fabrics and make various interior decoration products such as curtain, bedspreads.
  13. Students can further their vocational training, complete a job attachment, or start working for a micro-business.
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